RS-Import Ltd.

Established in 2013 RS-Import Ltd was launched to support the organic daily goods movement. The company has grown at a fast pace at 90% rate a year. Since 2013 until these days 2017 , we managed to break our way as a reliable and trustworth distributor reputation between our main clients.

High quality products

Our first priority is to add our portfolio with products which are manufactured from pure, raw, gluten-free, Kosher or/and certified organic materials. The Product we decide to work with, must be distinguishable. We prefer to represent whole food product with freshness and good manufacturing practice. Quality is the most important criteria in the selection of products. A high-quality product is defined by taste, presentation and the ingredients used to create the product. A Reasonable pricing point makes a successful product. We are always interested in new novelty products. RS-Import activities are to ensure competitiveness and a profitable operation. We are always looking for new partners and opportunities.